Mobile Accounting Software – Pick The Best For Your Business

A mobile accounting app helps you keep track of your financials wherever you are. Think of it as clicking once or twice on your smartphone and seeing exactly where your money is going and how it’s been spent.

If you’ve been thinking about getting mobile accounting software for your business, here’s what you should know.

What is a Mobile Accounting App?

A mobile accounting application is software that can be installed on your tablet or smartphone to provide you with accounting and bookkeeping services.

An accounting app can be used as a stand-alone software or if possible, it can be linked to your desktop’s accounting software so that any changes made on mobile can reflect on the official system.

Mobile accounting apps are fast, secure and above all other things, flexible.

Must have Features of Mobile Accounting Apps

Like desktop accounting software, accounting apps are designed differently. Nevertheless, there are a few key features that all accounting applications should have. They include the following:

User-friendliness. Both professionals and people who are not tech-savvy should be able to use the app.

Billing and invoicing services. The system should help you collect customer payments, pay suppliers and record all these transactions correctly.

Reports and analysis. The software should also be able to automatically make tax calculations and draw reports on your sales, profits, expenses, etc.

High-level security. The application must be equipped with several security measures such as data trailing and user-based access.

Integration. A good accounting app should work well with other business-related systems such as inventory, shipping, POS systems, and merchant accounts.

Criteria for Comparing Mobile Accounting Apps

Follow the below steps to evaluate and rank accounting apps from the best to the not-so-good.

  • Check their reputation – Software with a good reputation should fall right at the top of your list.
  • Don’t ignore their prices – The best accounting apps offer affordable subscription plans.
  • Check for compatibility – Apps ranking high on your list should be compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Explore the features available – It’s as simple as this. The more features the better the application.

Top 5 Accounting Software with Good Mobile Apps

Are you ready to discover the best mobile accounting applications in the business? Let’s begin with Zoho Books. Zoho’s best features include income and expense tracking, invoice integration, and inventory management. It also offers free services to some small businesses.

Next, we have QuickBooks. Aside from calculating tax, QuickBooks offers mileage tracking, receipt scanning, and payment processing. It’s also great for freelancing since it allows business owners to send invoices via text or messaging apps.

Xero is the next accounting app on our list. Its best feature is that it allows unlimited users for free. It can also integrate with more than 1000 other applications which is pretty impressive. Other nice Xero features include invoicing, tax calculation, employee time management, and bank account syncing.

FreshBooks is also a big name in the accounting community. It’s known for its affordable prices, unlimited invoices, and late payment reminders. Its ACH payment processing also makes it a popular choice for many business owners.

Another accounting app you should know is Sage. Sage offers free financial courses to their members. This makes it a fantastic choice for business owners with little accounting knowledge. Sage also offers inventory management, bank reconciliation, and invoicing services.

How to Pick the Right Mobile Accounting App for your Business?

Everything starts with the cost. When choosing an accounting app, evaluate the prices and ask yourself whether they’re worth the kind of services you’re getting. If you feel like the prices are too high and the features are basic, go back to the sea and start fishing for a new application.

Usability is also significant when selecting an accounting app. Ask yourself how many users are allowed to access the software and if it’s easy to use. If you have many employees, choose software that allows more than 5 users. This will allow you, your partners, and even customer support agents to access the system.

The kind of features offered should be evaluated as well. Do you need payroll management or payment processing? What about invoicing and merchant accounts syncing? Make sure these features are available and don’t compromise until you find the services that’ll benefit your business.


Mobile accounting apps help business owners escape the cumbersome world of desktop computers. They may not come with all the mind-blowing features found on computers, but they’re perfect for keeping an eye on your business while on the go. Don’t let your finances get smudged. Get mobile accounting software and receive comprehensive financial reports no matter where you are.