Adyen Review – Products, Features, and Prices

  • Full-stack payment processing solution
  • Dynamic currency conversions
  • No setup, monthly, or annual fees
  • No early termination fee
  • Monthly minimum sales volume of $120

Adyen Overview

Adyen is a full-stack merchant account provider. It handles everything from your point of sale terminal or payment gateway. And then right up to your payment processing. They accept all the payment methods you could need for your business. That is the reason so many big brands use Adyen payment methods. Some of their customers include Levi’s, L’Oreal, eBay, Swarovski, and Uber. It is truly an international company, with 24 offices worldwide. Their name translates into “start over again”. Basically, they specialize in helping existing companies to expand. They are also an ideal solution if you intend to trade internationally.

Adyen Overview

Products & Features

Adyen is a full-stack payment processor. They offer all the tools your business could need. The Adyen payment gateway can accept almost all payment methods. It makes payments easy for your customers by accepting local currencies. And they are also the ones who accept the risk with your merchant account, so you have full support available in one place. It is a tech-driven company with customer satisfaction high on its priority list. And you get all this with no monthly fees.

Global Processing With Local Customization

What makes them stand out from other payment processors is their approach to global processing. Adyen credit card processing covers all major credit cards. But they also try to accept as many local payment methods as possible. That makes your store much more versatile. And they offer dynamic currency conversion to make life easy for customers. When a customer can pay in their local currency, it makes a sale more likely to occur.

Omnichannel Payments

Adyen is an omnichannel payment processor, covering all types of payment methods. So you can give your customers the best Adyen checkout experience. An Adyen payment gateway, terminal, or POS system, are all linked. That keeps all your customer’s details in one place, making invoicing and billing an easy process. Customers will recognize your brand no matter which payment method they choose. It is a complete solution that unifies your payment processing.


Online Payments

For e-commerce stores, you can use the Adyen payment gateway to get up and running right away. If you have your own payment gateway in place, it will integrate easily with their systems. And with all data stored in one complete system, customers do not need to re-enter their payment details. The whole process is seamless and gives the customer a fast and easy checkout experience.

Marketplace Payments

You can also use Adyen integration for platforms. That makes it a full payment solution for online marketplaces. You can integrate the onboarding API to onboard merchants, so it connects buyers and sellers. It also allows you to split payments between multiple sub-merchants. When the payment is settled, the balance will be available for payout. That allows for easy transferring of funds and makes it easy for sub-merchants to work together.

RevenueProtect & RevenueAccelerate

RevenueProtect helps you to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. It uses risk templates combined with advanced technology to customize your fraud setup. That keeps your business up to date with all the latest fraud trends and risks. RevenueAccelerate minimizes the chance of unsuccessful transactions. If a payment fails for any reason, their intelligent payment routing will try to fix the issue. It selects the route with the best chance of authorization.

POS Equipment & Software

You can use a complete point of sale solution to optimize your customer’s experience. Adyen has a fully certified and PCI-compliant terminal range. The API makes it easy to process payments from web browsers and mobile devices. And with all your payment methods connected, you get accurate customer insights. You can access your reports and data via the dashboard. And your POS system can offer all local payment methods to your customers.

Adyen Fees & Rates

Adyen Fees & Rates

Adyen pricing is competitive and transparent. But because it offers so many payment methods, the rate differs depending on your region and the payment type. They charge a processing fee plus payment method fee per transaction. To see the pricing for a local payment method, you can visit their website and search by country or region. The processing fee is usually $0.12, and the payment method fee is typically between 1% and 4%.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

There is no set time for a contract with Adyen. They also have no early termination fee, making them a fair payment processor to deal with. However, you cannot just terminate your account without notice. The contract agreement states that you must give two months’ written notice before the contract can end. In some circumstances, you can terminate your account immediately. This only applies if they fail to live up to their service obligations.

Is Adyen Right for Your Business?

There are many reasons why Adyen may be right for your business. They are a complete payment provider, so once your application is successful, you can trade right away. Having one company handle your payment processing and your merchant account is advantageous. They offer 24/7 support and suit international merchants. However, they are probably best suited to high-volume businesses. And while they do accept some high-risk companies, they do not specialize in it.


Our Verdict

It is hard to argue with the success of Adyen. You only have to look at their client list to realize how big they are. But that is a key point to consider. They are perfect for big businesses dealing in high volume. They support international merchants and offer a complete payment processing package. But they do have monthly minimums. If you are a small business, you will likely find a better deal with other merchant service providers. Overall, they are a top-rate provider but maybe are best suited to already successful businesses.