CCBill – Are They The Best Choice For Your Business?

  • Complete payments solution
  • Transparent flat rate pricing model
  • Cater to high risk businesses
  • No early termination fee
  • Comparatively high processing rates

CCBill Overview

CCBill LLC was one of the first third-party credit card processing service providers. Operating since 1998, they now serve over 30,000 merchants in almost 200 countries. They offer leading-edge systems and automated tools to merchants. This allows customers to easily manage their merchant accounts. Their systems use high-level encryption and PSD2 security for extra protection. They can handle payments in many different countries and currencies. This means you can accept almost any credit card for payment. This makes them an excellent solution for international businesses. They also specialize in high-risk businesses.

Products & Services

With CCBill, you give your customers a quick and easy way to pay online. They are a complete payment service that allows you to automate your business. Offering point of sale terminals and mobile payment options, they give you all the tools you need for payments. You can handle card not present transactions in your online store with ease, and their products integrate easily. Specializing in high-risk businesses, they offer discreet billing solutions for adult merchants. And since they deal with high-risk merchants, their security and fraud protection is excellent.


Merchant Accounts

CCBill merchant account services provide you with a full account and unique merchant ID. Your account is suitable for e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. Their software allows you to provide regional pricing. With this, your payment gateway can offer local currencies and languages. Your gateway can accept almost every credit card brand. You can accept payments in $ USD, $ CAD, € EUR, £ GBP, ¥ JPY, and $ AUD. Your merchant account also comes with a risk mitigation system. If you are going to be dealing internationally, then this merchant account provides you with everything you need.

Point Of Sale (POS) Systems & Terminals

Retail stores can avail of wired and wireless point of sale terminals. This allows for card-present sales, which have a much lower risk of fraud. If you have a brick-and-mortar retail store, then having a point of sale terminal is a must. Many customers prefer swiping their cards when they make a purchase. Having a point of sale terminal allows you to accept most credit cards and print receipts on the spot. It also can help track inventory and record detailed data.

Mobile Payments

If you want to offer as many payment options as possible, you can use CCBill mobile payments systems. This allows you to accept payments by smartphone or mobile device. There is no need for a customer to take out a credit card when they are paying. They can pay directly from their mobile device. Offering many options to your customers means more chances of closing a sale. And with mobile payments, there is no need to check the ID of the customer. Touch ID or PIN input makes mobile payments more secure than with a physical credit card.


Virtual Terminal

If you will accept payments over the telephone or computer, then a virtual terminal is ideal. You can accept a payment without needing a card reader. CCBill offers a virtual terminal as part of its payment systems. This allows you to accept payments through a web browser. You just need a mobile device and internet to complete the transaction. At the time of writing, they only offer card-not-present transactions. They don’t supply a card reader yet but are likely to include this in the future.

Marketing Services

CCBill makes it easy to drive traffic to your website. They use Google Analytics and Google Ads integration for detailed payment tracking. You can customize your own branded checkout and communications process. CCBill redirects your customers to their website for payments. which simplifies your PCI Compliance. You can use FlexForms responsive payment forms and issue custom email receipts.

Billing Solutions

CCBill makes billing customers an effective and simple process. With a complete payments solution, you can issue a single bill or recurring payments. Automated subscription billing and electronic invoicing help you maintain your brand. And there are hundreds of features to incorporate into your payment gateway. You can issue invoices in multiple currencies. And all transactions use advanced fraud protection and risk mitigation systems.


Fraud Protection

Since they deal mainly with high-risk businesses, they have a risk mitigation system in place. A team of trained fraud specialists works with you to manage your account. They help remove potential risk factors from your business. They run hundreds of checks on each transaction before it reaches the bank’s servers. This helps to minimize fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. When a transaction is declined, the system messages the buyer to find an alternative solution. The customer can call customer support to verify their identity and complete the purchase.


Where CCBill really shines is its payment processing solutions for eCommerce. You can offer your customers a variety of payment processing options to choose from. They can use almost any debit or credit card to make an online payment. But they can also use gift cards, electronic checks, or localized billing options. Accepting multiple currency options and using regional pricing gives your business greater flexibility. And with Flexforms, you can set up streamlined payment flows. You can control the user interface, design, and branding of your payment forms.

High Risk

CCBill has been helping high-risk businesses for more than 20 years. As a high-risk merchant, you are more prone to chargebacks. CCBill uses a dedicated staff of fraud specialists to try to limit those chargebacks. They help you to build trust with your buyers with discreet consumer privacy. For example, the company name on a credit card bill will be ‘CCBill’ to avoid embarrassing a client with an inappropriate company name. They apply their compliance expertise to ensure that all data is secure. And they employ a flat-rate pricing model for high-risk merchants.

Billing & Invoicing

CCBill tries to streamline every process for merchants so they can focus on their business. They feature an automated solution for recurring bills and invoices. You get access to real-time, active reporting to help you save time and money. You can use their geo-targeted smart forms to help with international billing. Multiple currency options and regional pricing helps your payment processing to run smoothly. Merchants can also avail themselves of around-the-clock live billing support centers.

CCBill Fees & Rates

Fees & Rates

One of the best things about using CCBill for credit card processing is transparency. Normally high-risk merchants have to apply online before getting a quote from a payment provider. CCBill is upfront about its fees and rates and has streamlined its charges. You will pay a flat rate for all transactions depending on which plan you require. The rates do vary slightly depending on your business type, location, and processing history. And there is also a custom pricing model for merchants who deal in high volume. You get a custom flat rate plus interchange pricing making them an even better option for successful merchants.

Low-Risk Plan

Low-risk merchants get the lowest rate from CCBill. You will pay a flat rate of 3.9% + $0.55 for every transaction. It is worth noting that this rate is comparatively high for a low-risk business. For this reason, CCBill is probably not suitable for low-risk merchants. It suits better for high risk or adult merchants.

High-Risk Plan

As with any online payment provider, CCBill has certain criteria that will deem you to be high risk. But unlike most other merchant account providers, all high-risk merchants pay the same rate. You will pay a flat rate of 5.9% + $0.55 for every transaction. With this extra cost comes extra layers of compliance, data protection, and greater fraud control.


Adult Plan

CCBill is one of the biggest processing providers for the adult industry. Providing merchant accounts for many adult businesses has allowed them to refine their adult plan. You will pay a flat rate of 10.8% to 14.5% per transaction. There are also annual fees for this service depending on your location. While these rates are much higher than the other plans, they are necessary for this industry. The adult entertainment industry encounters more chargebacks than any other. So having CCBill’s expertise behind you will help your online payment processing.

Direct Plan

The direct plan caters to debit cards only and will not allow you to accept credit cards. You will pay a flat rate of 5.9% + $0.55 per transaction. While this may seem counterproductive and limiting at first, it has some benefits. An adult merchant can accept online payment at the same rate as a high-risk merchant. This can work out very well for an adult merchant account as you are paying a lot less than other adult businesses. The only caveat is you cannot take payments with a credit card.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

One thing that makes CCBill stand out as an excellent online payment processor is its contract terms. Normally a high-risk account comes with a 1 to a 3-year contract and an early termination fee. This is not the case with CCBill. You can end your contract at any time without any early termination fee. There are some terms and conditions to this but they are quite fair. For example, you cannot sign up with the same providers that CCBill uses for at least one year.

CCBill Technical & Customer Support

CCBill Technical & Customer Support

Another benefit of choosing CCBill as your payment provider is their amazing customer support. They have an easy-to-navigate Knowledge Base and Docs section on their website for self-help. The FAQ section is incredibly detailed and thorough. For simple inquiries, you can get a prompt response by email. For more technical inquiries or urgent issues, you get 24/7 support. Whether you need help installing software or configuring hardware, they have an operator waiting. You can call them directly by phone, or access live chat through their website.

Is CCBill Right for Your Business?

There are many reasons why CCBill may be the right choice for your business. Their flat-rate pricing and different plans make it easy to cost your business. If you are a low-risk merchant, you can probably find better rates with other processors. But for high-risk and adult merchants, they are a great choice. Transparent pricing and fair contract terms are a huge plus. There are no early termination fees which is quite unusual for a processor that offers so much. And their customer support is far above the industry standard.

Our Verdict

CCBill has been in the payment processing industry for a long time. And with good reason. They offer a quality service to their clients. Specializing in high-risk and adult businesses, their expertise in these sectors really shows. CCBill is completely transparent about its pricing model and upfront about fees. The contract terms are also incredibly fair. Very few processors offer so many features without a lengthy contract. And with no early termination fee, they are a great option for any high-risk business. Overall we rate them highly and recommend them for any high-risk business.