Dharma Merchant Services – Fair and Transparent Payment Solutions

  • Offers priority 24-hour funding
  • Low interchange-plus pricing
  • Discounted rates for eligible non-profits
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Doesn't offer merchant services for high-risk industries

Dharma Merchant Services Overview

Today’s business depends on credit card transactions, which is why payment processing services are a vital investment. Dharma Merchant Services is a leading provider of credit card processing solutions for small and medium businesses. The processor also offers merchant services to non-profit organizations. Dharma Merchant Services, which launched in 2007, has been working to provide socially responsible credit card processing to businesses in various industries. The California-based company is a B Corporation that offers merchandise and services to low-risk small businesses with transactions exceeding $10,000 per month.

The merchant services provider (MSP) provides credit card payment solutions for storefronts and online businesses. DMS has built a reputation as a fair processor that charges exclusive interchange-plus rates. Small and medium enterprises can accept credit cards on a month-to-month basis, negating the need for long-term contracts. In this Dharma Merchant Services review, business owners can learn what else the MSP has in store.

Dharma Merchant Services

Products and or Services

It’s not enough that a payment processing company offers reasonable prices. The offerings matter a great deal, as well. Dharma Merchant Services promises credit card processing that makes a difference. It achieves that with a full-stack catalog that caters to a myriad of payment requirements. The services Dharma Merchant provides are suitable for B2B sales, storefronts, and restaurants, among other businesses. Whether you are looking for a simple payment gateway or a contactless payment solution, expect to find what you need at Dharma Merchant Services.

The processor believes that companies deserve modern technology that is designed to make credit card purchases easy for customers. So, it puts together a comprehensive range of merchandise and services that deliver superior standard outcomes. Regardless of your small business requires a generic or custom credit card transaction service, this provider has an appropriate alternative. Therefore, define your payment demands so that you can focus on the products that suit your enterprise best. This section of our Dharma Merchant Services review considers highlights some of the solutions available for SMEs.

Merchant Accounts

A reliable merchant account ensures that a business can process credit card transactions effectively. Dharma Merchant Services has account options for enterprises across different industries. However, the provider only handles businesses processing over $10,000 per month in transactions. The MSP works with Fiserv for back-end processing. So, instead of getting your merchant account directly from Fiserv, which can be expensive for a small enterprise, you benefit from the reduced rates from DMS. Dharma Merchant Services caters to merchants with card-not-present payments, active bankruptcy, and operations outside the US. High-risk and international accounts are not available.

Dharma Merchant Services

MX Merchant

All DMS merchant accounts come with free access to MX Merchant. The processor’s online account gives merchants control over their payment processing. Everything about your credit card transactions is available in one place, which affords you a particular convenience. The account facilitates quick payments through a highly intuitive virtual terminal. Businesses can maintain a customer database on MX Merchant, hence, making it easier to charge credit cards. Online reporting, a free mobile app, and online payment links are other features. You can add the other services Dharma Merchant offers for a fee. For example, you can integrate ACH processing thus, enabling you to accept bank transfers from the virtual terminal.

B2B Processing

Does your company sell to other businesses? Then Dharma Merchant Services has suitable processing solutions. The MSP works with small to medium enterprises to help keep their credit card processing costs low. If you are already on a processing plan, the merchant services provider evaluates every aspect to find potential rate reductions. For example, DMS looks at your merchant code classification to see if you qualify for reduced interchange rates.

The B2B app does all the work so that you don’t have to fret over collecting the necessary data for price comparisons. Through the MX Merchant platform, your enterprise can use the credit card portal to accept ACH transactions. If your business handles a high volume of transactions, then the processor grants discounts.

Payment Gateway

For a merchant in e-commerce, Dharma Merchant Services allows you to integrate third-party payment gateways. The company has partnered with two of the largest solutions on the market. NMI gateway syncs with QuickBooks, thus, enabling a business to continue with its accounting roles without any problems. It also integrates with an array of shopping carts.

With the gateway, you can take level 3 sales, store customer details, and develop payment buttons. Authorize.net makes it easy to accept credit card transactions online. You can also use it to swipe credit cards on a smartphone. The third-party alternatives are ideal if you are searching for something more than what MX Merchant offers.

Payment Gateway

Credit Card Terminals

Dharma Merchant Services offers a collection of hardware offerings tailored for various brick and mortar businesses. It has credit card machines in several models. So, you can select the best product for your countertop terminal. Small businesses get top brands like Verifone, Fiserv, and Ingenico. The hardware is EMV-compliant. You can also use the readers for NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you are undecided about the most appropriate credit card machine, the site has a comparison function that should help. Dharma Merchant also gives you the option of reprogramming an existing countertop terminal.

Mobile Processing

As long as you can access the internet, MX Merchant Express lets you take mobile payments. So, your customers can complete their purchases from virtually anywhere. With Dharma Merchant Services mobile solutions, you get to accept keyed transactions on iOS and Android devices. The app syncs with your computer, meaning that you can retrieve transaction details whenever necessary. Merchants can use the app to charge stored credit card data. You can also adjust for tips, receive customer signatures and create custom receipts straight from your device.

POS Systems

Dharma Merchant Services carries the Clover family of POS solutions. For this reason, your retail store, restaurant, or clothes shop can accept credit cards through the latest methods. You can also offer contactless payments. Every POS system comes with PIN debit, check acceptance, and digital acceptance capture, among other features. If you need a simple credit card processing solution, Clover Flex is it. If you want a cash drawer, you can get it for a monthly fee of $99 with Clover Mini or Station Pro. You also pay a Transarmor fee of $5 per month. All devices come with a separate Clover monthly fee.

Dharma Merchant Services Fees & Rates

Dharma Merchant Services Fees & Rates

The merchant services provider is one of the most affordable solutions for processing card payments. DMS uses interchange-plus pricing, thus, merchants are aware of the rates from the get-go. It means that a small business doesn’t have to worry about hidden fees. The cost of the merchant services Dharma offers depends on the plan. Each plan comes with a charge of $20 per month, except for high-volume retail, which is $15 per month.

Virtual costs 0.2% + $0.10 per transaction, Restaurant is 0.15% + $0.07 per transaction and Storefront is 0.15% + $0.07 per transaction. Dharma Merchant Services has several other charges, including $5 per retrieval instance, $25 per chargeback, and a $1.50 voice authorization fee. Hardware pieces start from $499. The processor also has special rates for non-profits.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Since the rates are charged per month, early termination fees are not an issue with Dharma Merchant Services. Merchants don’t have to deal with long-term contracts either that could restrict their payment processing options. Therefore, if you are displeased with the services or your small business requires something different, you can end the agreement at no extra cost.

However, closing an account permanently incurs a fee of $25. The charge covers the cost of keeping an account on file for the six months required by law. A business can avoid this fee by closing, then reactivating its account, especially if it’s seasonal. DMS doesn’t impose a monthly minimum to keep your account running. Ensure you check any other applicable monthly fee depending on your chosen credit card processing plan.

Dharma Merchant Services Technical and Customer Support

Dharma Merchant Services Technical and Customer Support

Business owners who need to reach customer representatives at DMS can send emails using the contact information provided. The company offers customer support from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (PST) Monday to Friday. Customer service is available on weekends too but through a call center. So, you will only get to register a ticket, then wait until working hours for your issues to be resolved. Alternatively, you can check out the knowledge base to see if it provides the necessary solutions.

When it comes to tech support, Dharma Merchant Services has a team on standby 24/7. Thus, merchants don’t have to suffer through account issues. The technical support is available by email, live chat, and phone. If you have to deal with the back-end processor or other third parties, DMS directs you as necessary.

Is Dharma Merchant Services Right for Your Business?

The credit card processor might offer the best rates, but does it work for your enterprise? DMS has excellent interchange-plus rates for a small business. If you need merchant services that don’t eat into your operating costs, then Dharma is a safe bet. However, don’t neglect all the other costs associated with each plan. The provider is an effective solution if your business requires a simple processing solution that delivers all the basics and a little more. Dharma Merchant Services has an intuitive interface that should be easy to use even for first-time merchants.

Dharma caters to mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and non-profits. Businesses with less than $10,000 in transactions per month should consider other merchant services. Although DMS is no longer rated with the Better Business Bureau, it maintains an A+. So, if you need a dependable processing partner with affordable services and quality products, Dharma Merchant Services works.

Is Dharma Merchant Services Right for Your Business?

Our Verdict

Dharma Merchant Services is a good fit for a small to medium enterprise that needs cost-effective credit card processing. It’s for merchants that need affordable payment solutions without compromising the service quality. From our review, Drama Merchant Services has some of the lowest interchange-plus rates on the market. Business owners have several instances to save money, especially those with B2B sales. As a company, DMS sells itself as one of the best to partner with.

The socially responsible approach that the MSP has to its operations is a plus point for any enterprise looking to strengthen its image. The processor has many positive reviews that should help you decide whether to use its products/services or not. Of course, DMS is not without its downsides like the account closure charge and monthly fee. So, take the time to see if the provider meets your requirements.