Transparency and Affordability with Helcim Payment Processing

  • Month-to-month payment structure
  • Offers international credit card processing
  • No contract or early termination fee
  • Competitive interchange plus rates
  • It doesn't cater to high-risk businesses

Helcim Merchant Services Overview

A credit card processing provider should strive to provide clients with impeccable services and products. Helcim is one of the processing companies that create payment solutions with the customer in mind. It promises smarter, easier, and more affordable merchant services than what is present in the market. The processor serves small and medium businesses with an excellent selection of payment solutions.

Helcim works to be different from traditional banks. So, it delivers transparent services and ensures that merchants don’t have to spend more than they have to. The company ensures that you know what you are getting into from the start. A significant advantage for businesses is that Helcim doesn’t have lengthy contracts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying for early termination if the payment processing solutions don’t suit your enterprise. Merchants can find out about the different costs incurred. Later in this Helcim review, we delve deeper into the pricing options.

Helcim Merchant Services Features

Helcim Merchant Services Features

As a credit card processor, Helcim caters to a broad client base courtesy of its full product range. The company’s customer-centric approach ensures that whatever your payment needs, you can find the right features. Modern businesses have wide-ranging requirements when it comes to accepting payments. Some enterprises can function with simple mobile devices, while others need comprehensive credit card processing platforms. Since Helcim commits to providing a seamless payment experience, merchants can expect to find high-performing products that include:

Merchant Account

Businesses that process credit and debit card payments require merchant accounts. Helcim has merchant account options for merchants across various industries, such as automotive, retail, and healthcare. With a Helcim account, you can get payments in person, in-app, online, or over the phone. The processor helps increase cash flow with fast bank deposits. It does this by transferring processed funds into your preferred bank account within two business days. Helcim merchant services prioritize security. The processor tracks suspicious activity on your debit and credit card transactions. Also, merchants can use the Fraud Defender to set their own risk thresholds.

Credit and Debit Terminals

With Helcim’s credit card processing solutions, you can accept transactions from all major card brands, including Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The company uses interchange-plus pricing, meaning that you can get discounts for high-volume payments. The company advertises itself as the best solution for small businesses due to its affordability. The processing company is PCI compliant, so your customers can send debit and credit card details safely. The firm provides international credit card processing, hence, letting you accept transactions from all over the world.

Helcim Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

The processor makes it easy to accept online payments through a well-designed virtual terminal. It allows business owners to take credit card payments remotely, thus, eliminating the need for a card reader. You can also facilitate transactions over the phone. Small businesses can process payments from smartphones or tablets. The terminal gives you quick access to customer profiles, hence, enabling you to bill recurring payments without any trouble. Through tokenization technology, the provider ensures that you don’t have to deal with a customer’s sensitive data. Due to the customizable permissions in the terminal, business owners can set up unlimited user accounts.

Mobile App

Some businesses don’t need much to process payments; a mobile platform does the trick. The provider ensures that if you use smartphones and tablets for credit card processing, then you don’t compromise the customer experience. Regardless of the device, you get access to all account features. Therefore, you get to view and create invoices, track inventory and send digital receipts, among other activities. The payments app syncs with the card reader to turn any device into a countertop checkout.

Point of Sale (POS)

A point of sale system is another payment solution that you can get for a small business. The processor allows you to connect your workstation, smartphone, or tablet to its POS software. Therefore, you get to provide convenient payments wherever you wish. You can include various features on your point of sale system, like a barcode scanner and cash drawer, depending on business needs. The POS fulfills several functions, including managing customers, tracking inventory, and generating timely reports.


Hosted Payment Pages

Crafting the payment experience you want for your online store doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on installations. Helcim lets you do that with ease through its hosted pages. The features are an effective way to provide payments on your site without programming. Business owners can set up pages to collect specific information. The fully customizable design also means that you can personalize payment pages to match your requirements. Additionally, you still benefit from Helcim’s affordable pricing, including the lack of a monthly fee.

Payment Gateway

Helcim provides a robust gateway that streamlines your transactions. The tool works with various third-party integrations to provide a hassle-free processing solution. So, you can install the gateway without interfering with business processes. Enterprises can link accounting systems, billing tools, and shopping carts. Whether you accept debit cards, credit cards, or mobile payments, the processor ensures that you do so affordably and efficiently. The Helcim Commerce platform, through the gateway API, allows you to void transactions, authorize payments and manage batches.

Helcim Plan Options

Helcim Plan Options

So, you have an idea of what to expect from Helcim when searching for credit card processing solutions. How do you find the best choice for your business, though? The provider categorizes its offerings into two distinct plans, thus, allowing enterprises to find the most appropriate features. Define your business requirements beforehand to make the selection process uncomplicated. Here is what to expect:

Helcim Retail Plan

If you are running a brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, or retail shop, this plan is for you. It comprises all the payment processing services that facilitate efficient physical transactions. You can get a Helcim Commerce account that gives your unlimited user access and advanced reporting tools. For payment processing, the provider offers in-person credit card processing (EMB/Swipe), a virtual terminal, and a merchant account (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). The retail plan also comes with security and fraud protection with a PCI compliance manager, Fraud Defender, and data backups. Mobile apps, POS, and invoicing are other offerings.

Helcim Online Plan

If you operate an e-commerce store, then you need the online plan. Besides a Helcim account, you can also get your store hosted online. The processor has domain hosting, discount codes, and third-party integrations. Paying for an online plan means that you get to enjoy Helcim’s customer management. Business owners get a customer relationship manager, card vault & tokenization, and a self-service customer portal. The same security measures offered in the retail plan are available on the online plan, as well.

Helcim Pricing

Helcim Pricing

Transparent pricing is one reason Helcim is among the top processing companies. The processor prides itself as an affordable alternative for SMEs and makes certain they know it. Merchants have to deal with exorbitant expenses in the payment processing industry, where some providers pile on extra costs. The company uses interchange-plus pricing, which is considered the sector’s most affordable pricing. Below are the pricing options.

Helcim Plan Pricing

With this pricing structure, you pay for the package that best suits your business. With the plan pricing, you incur a monthly fee rather than entering a full-term contract. Hence, your company only gets to pay for services as long as it needs them without an early termination fee. The processor offers a 30-day free trial, thus allowing you to see how the platform works without incurring any costs. However, you cannot process payments during the trial period.

Helcim Payment Processing Rates

Regardless of the plan, a business has to pay credit card processing fees. The interchange plus rate that Helcim uses means that a merchant has to pay standard rates according to international interchange table prices set by card companies plus the processor’s markup. Helcim maintains a constant margin, but the interchange rate varies with the card. Rates start at 0.30% + $0.08 for in-person payments and 0.50% + $0.25 for keyed and online payments. Helcim also has a chargeback fee that ranges from $0-$15 and is refunded if you settle your dispute.

Helcim Hardware Pricing

Check the Helcim product page to see what hardware options are available. The cost varies across different pieces. You can pay anywhere from $30 for a card reader to $550 for a wireless terminal. Businesses can also save money by participating in the terminal replacement program. Helcim also stocks hardware from third-party sellers. Browse the website for compatible products.

Additional Helcim Merchant Services

Merchants can get a few other services to enhance their processing systems. The costs remain as affordable as other main offerings. For example, you can get a merchant ID for a monthly fee of $15. Helcim also offers level 3 data processing, multi-currency, and ACH processing. Check the pricing page for the cost of your preferred services.

Helcim Fees

A small enterprise doesn’t have to worry about a monthly fee, PCI compliance fees, or setup fees with this company. However, you might incur ancillary charges, such as a dial authorization fee, chargeback fee, and name-change costs. The processor ensures that all the charges are included in your agreement. So, review them carefully.

Helcim Technical & Customer Support

Helcim Technical & Customer Support

Customers can access the technical support team 24/7 via phone or email. Helcim provides in-house support during regular hours, then outsources during off-hours. Nonetheless, you can expect fast and efficient support from friendly staff. The website has a comprehensive support center that covers major topics. Whether you are wondering about the monthly fee or want a tutorial on setting up a countertop POS, the platform has everything. The site doesn’t have a live chat facility, though.

Is Helcim Right For Your Business?

Helcim advertises no monthly fee, interchange-plus rates, and a low chargeback fee, which sounds attractive to any business owner. The company provides a powerful platform with extensive capabilities. Whether you are starting a new enterprise or running an established one, you can be confident that the provider has suitable processing solutions. The full range of tools makes it easy for merchants to set up their systems. Another big selling point is Helcim’s pricing. Clients can tell what the processor will be charging them even before they sign an agreement. The provider elaborates the payment options on its website, therefore, you can decide early on if the services work for you.

Our Verdict

Helcim works for most small businesses that require comprehensive credit card processing services. Both online and offline enterprises can set up intuitive payment systems that streamline transactions. Helcim understands that not every business owner can afford developers and, so, provides a simple platform that doesn’t require programming know-how. With monthly fees and several other costs eliminated, SMEs can save a substantial amount, depending on the processing services. Despite its advantages, Helcim is not the right processor for a high-risk merchant.