Host Merchant Services Provides Cost-Efficient Payment Solutions

  • A large product range
  • Cancel service with no penalty
  • Specialises in high-risk merchant services
  • Turnkey solutions for gift cards
  • Can be costly for a business with low volumes

Host Merchant Services Overview

When searching for credit card processing services, Host Merchant Services is one of the options that you are bound to come across. The payment processing company has been providing merchant services for several years and, so, understands what businesses are looking for. A quick look at Host Merchant Services should tell you that the credit card processor is among the top alternatives for medium and large businesses.

The processor, which is Better Business rated, owns a number of payment products that cater to an array of online and offline payment requirements, including credit and debit card transactions. Whether you are getting a point of sale solution or payment gateway, Host Merchant Services ensures that you are clear about the offerings from the get-go. This Host Merchant Services review looks at the available payment products.

Host Merchant Services

Features & Services

Host Merchant Services ensures that whatever your business, you can find a payment processing product that contributes to your company goals. The merchant services you get affect your ability to accept payments, and, for that reason, your sales. Customers should be able to pay with debit, credit cards, or mobile wallets without any problem. So, you need merchant services that provide seamless transactions. Host Merchant Services offers customized payment solutions. Since the company is PCI DSS-compliant, businesses can guarantee safe credit card payments to their buyers. Below are the merchant services Host has for various enterprises:

Merchant Account

A business that has to accept credit cards needs a merchant account. The account is where funds go after payments are processed. Merchant accounts serve as intermediaries between buyers and conventional bank accounts. Host Merchant Services has accounts for all business types and sizes, with interchange-plus pricing for in-person and online merchants. It also provides merchant services to enterprises that come with a high risk for processors like Forex, online dating, and e-cigarette shops. Thanks to its international partners, Host Merchant Services also offers offshore merchant accounts.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway links two points of a transaction process. It allows a merchant to process credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and other payments. Businesses need payment gateways to connect to shopping carts and merchant services accounts. Host Merchant Services provides payment processing with tokenization and PCI compliance. You can also get the Authorize.Net payment gateway, which the processor resells at a lower price compared to buying it directly. Host Merchant Services supports over 100 other gateways, thus making it easy to find what works for your business.

Credit Card Readers

Host Merchant Services carries a variety of hardware solutions, including card readers. If you intend to provide credit card payments in person, then you must invest in card machines. With these merchant services, enterprises have various solutions from which to pick. You can get a conventional credit card reader, mobile and wireless machines, or a pin debit pass, among others. The specific credit card processing requirements of your business will dictate the right equipment to buy. If your store accepts NFC payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay, for example, you can easily find appropriate equipment. Host Merchant Services has credit card readers from top brands, such as Dejavoo, Verifone, and Ingenico.

Host Merchant Services

POS Systems

Point of sale systems is other vital merchant services available at HMS. The Bonsai point of sale is the custom solution from Host Merchant Services. Developed in-house, the credit card processor tailored the POS for the hotel sector. However, it can also be customized for retail use. The POS system comes with impressive customization, support, and automation features. Your business can accept EMV chip cards and contactless NFC payments.

Host Merchant Services provides free updates for the point of sale, thus ensuring that your business is always working with the latest version of the system. If you prefer another point of sale alternative, Host Merchant Services has products from SwipeSimple, Vital, and Clover. Therefore, business owners can compare the POS offerings to find the most suitable.

Mobile Payments

Mobile merchant services offer options for wireless credit card processing. Smart devices revolutionized payment processing by allowing merchants to facilitate transactions without having to wire equipment. For this reason, merchants can easily accept payments on the go. Mobile payments are suitable for numerous enterprises, such as restaurants, food trucks, and appliance maintenance services. Small enterprises also find mobile merchant services cost-effective and efficient. Some mobile systems come with credit card processing functions incorporated into the device, while others are designed to work with peripherals like card readers.

Online Payment Integrations

E-commerce payments are some of the services Host Merchant provides to different enterprises. Regardless of business type, you can find efficient online payment processing that comes with a payment gateway, PCI compliance, and security features. Host Merchant Services makes it easy to settle on a full-stack e-commerce solution. Your package can include a virtual terminal, online shopping cart, or mobile payment, depending on business requirements. Host Merchant Services online payments integrate smoothly with an array of e-commerce, CRM, and shopping cart applications. Whether you use BigCommerce, Shopify, or XCart, you can set up online payments in no time.

Cash Discount Program

Host Merchant Services has a cash discount program for business owners, which is advertised as free payment processing. Merchants that are in the program receive processing costs per transaction. Therefore, your business collects the entire advertised rate. On the other hand, your customers have to pay additional costs to transact with their credit and debit cards. The discount program helps enterprises save on merchant services. However, only businesses that process $5,000 or more can access the program. Although merchants with lower volumes can sign up, they would have to pay $20 a month. Note that your enterprise doesn’t qualify if it employs the ‘tip adjust’ feature when processing transactions.

Host Merchant Services Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

The best merchant services should be affordable for your company. It’s why customized solutions are popular in the credit card processing sector. Businesses should be able to sustain the long-term costs for the necessary merchant services. Host Merchant Services promises no contract and no hidden fees for its various merchant services. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a business that is not sure about getting into a long commitment. How does it charge for merchant services, though? In this Host Merchant Services review, business owners can learn more about the pricing options.

Custom Pricing

Host Merchant Services can structure rates according to need. Custom pricing ensures that businesses pay industry-average costs. Therefore, you will find that cost per transaction differs across sectors. For example, the estimated charge per transaction for Visa debit CPS in e-commerce is $2.40, $0.54 for a restaurant, and $1.45 for retail. Although the site doesn’t have specific prices, merchants can get free quotes to evaluate first.

Enterprise Pricing

Business owners can also pay for merchant services using interchange-plus pricing. This plan follows the interchange tables by MasterCard and Visa. A huge advantage of paying with this option is that the rates are transparent and easy to understand. Merchant services are based on the exact interchange fees plus a flat markup charge from the provider. For example, the processing rate for retail is interchange + 0.25% + $0.10 per transaction. Merchants with volumes under $10,000 can pay between 0.50% and 0.55% + $0.10.

Other Fees

HMS guarantees cost savings in merchant services because it doesn’t have extra charges. This section looks at some of the other merchant service rates. The interchange fee is passed through at cost. Host Merchant Services doesn’t charge for address verification, PCI DSS compliance, PIN debit, or account closure. However, it has a monthly fee of $14.99, an annual reporting fee of $24.00, an optional gateway fee of $5.00 per month, $0.20 per batch, and $0.75 for a voice authorization. Merchants should make certain that they are aware of all the costs before settling on a payment processing solution.

Setup Process and Ease of Use

Setup Process and Ease of Use

Merchant services have come a long way, and one indication of that is the easy installation they offer. Today’s business owners don’t have to worry about waiting an entire day or even more to get a credit card processing system up and running. Host Merchant Services provides technologically advanced merchant services with uncomplicated installation requirements. Additionally, the site has a knowledge base with useful information. Regardless of the existing applications, Host Merchant Services assures you of smooth integration with your merchant account, payment gateway, or point of sale terminal.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

HMS says that it doesn’t charge termination fees for its merchant services. Hence, clients that feel the merchant services no longer satisfy their business demands can opt-out without fretting about exorbitant termination costs that are common in the industry. A merchant services agreement comes with a cancellation fee waiver. So, keep an eye out. Companies don’t have to sign lengthy contracts to enjoy superior quality credit card transactions from HMS. You can negotiate the terms of your merchant services with the provider to ensure that you are getting the best rates. Note that the conditions for high-risk merchant services are unique.

Host Merchant Services Technical & Customer Support

Companies that wish to know more about merchant services can navigate to the resources page, which has plenty of information. Besides a blog, the website has FAQs and a knowledge base. If you prefer to contact customer support directly, then you can chat live through the facility on the site. It’s the quickest communication mode. Alternatively, you can send an email. Merchants in need of technical support can also email or call. US-based businesses close to HMS can get on-site troubleshooting for faulty terminals. Host Merchant Services offers support Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm.

Is Host Merchant Services Right for Your Business?

Is Host Merchant Services Right for Your Business?

Whether you should hire Host Merchant Services for your credit card processing depends on how well it caters to your requirements. A majority of businesses will find the provider’s merchant services more than adequate. The fact that you can find most credit card payment solutions in one place is a huge plus point. Host Merchant Services has a variety of products for low and high-risk businesses. Merchants also have the advantage of custom pricing. However, the rates might not be favorable to small businesses with less than $10,000 in transaction volumes.

Our Verdict

HMS prides itself as a leading payment processing company. By looking at various Host Merchant Services reviews, you can tell that the provider has earned its reputation. It offers a full range of merchant services that uncomplicates the task of finding appropriate payment solutions. Host Merchant Services has everything from payment gateways to point of sale systems. Businesses benefit from transparent pricing and decent customer support. Host Merchant Services is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, clients can trust its offerings.