Instabill – Reliable Merchant Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

  • Specializes in high-risk merchant services
  • Offers fraud protection
  • PCI compliant payment gateway
  • Quick approval
  • Fees are not fixed

Instabill Overview

Instabill is a leading merchant account provider for both domestic and international businesses. Established in 2001 in New Hampshire, the company helps merchants in getting risky and offshore card processing solutions. Today, Instabill boasts more than 12,000 merchant services accounts representing a wide range of industries including online gambling, multi-level marketing, Bitcoin, and the like.

As a responsible provider of merchant services, it now supports mobile payments,  Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Processing, and custom offshore merchant account. Instabill offers competitive fees, easy merchant account opening, and reliable support from integration to maintenance. Whether you’re running a new business or you have a poor credit history, you can always count on the merchant services of Instabill. Whether you’re running a new business or one with poor credit history, Instabill delivers a payment solution that works.


Products & Services 

Whatever the type of business, it’s important to integrate a reliable payment processing platform. This requirement is more critical for business owners in high-risk industries with zero to poor credit reputation. Instabill understands this requirement of business owners for reliable and more accommodating high-risk merchant services accounts. Currently, Instabill provides merchant services to businesses that are deemed in a higher-risk category. Described below are some of the different services that Insta Bill customers can enjoy.

International merchant accounts and gateway 

Instabill accepts and processes credit card payments made internationally through its international merchant accounts. Available in over 160 currencies, Instabill can help reduce the complexities in overseas payment processing.  The process can be quicker too since most offshore banks are more liberal with the business for tax benefits.

Also, the company’s acquiring bank partners follow the same set of guidelines adopted by most credit card companies, as such you can always count on a secure payment gateway. Finally, Insta Bill doesn’t just offer a credit card processing facility. It can also extend professional help in offshore company registrations and can help start-ups looking to expand internationally.

High-risk merchant accounts

There are several factors used in classifying businesses according to financial risk. For example, a business is risky if it has a poor or no credit history, vulnerable to chargebacks and refunds, or it processes a huge volume of transaction. If your business belongs to this category, you may find it difficult to secure a credit card processing facility. What you can do is to sign up for the merchant account of Instabill.  Insta Bill can help through a secure online payment processing solution with a host of other perks.

With its merchant services, you get access to more acquiring banks both domestic and international and it works with the guidelines followed by major credit card companies. Also, the merchant accounts are protected from fraud through SSL certificates and 3D Secure payment processing.


Low-risk merchant accounts

Businesses that belong to the low-risk category are those with a lower charge-back ratio compared to high-risk businesses. Also, a small business can be low-risk if it processes lower than $20,000 monthly.

For this type of company, it’s also best to sign up for low-risk merchant accounts. Instabill also delivers low-risk merchant account services at reduced fees.  Also, its merchant accounts offer generous payment processing limits that allow the business to grow faster. Furthermore, a mobile EMV POS solution is now available which allows you to complete secure credit card processing on the go. This is a great merchant account to use if the operations are highly mobile.

Credit card terminals 

Instabill also offers a wide variety of physical card terminals which you can use in payment processing. All of these terminals are PCI compliant for the safety and security of all transactions. Some of the popular terminals currently offered by Instabill are Verifone Vx570 which’s fast and powerful due to increased memory and Verifone Vx510 Dual Comm which is popular for its compact design. However, these terminals are often offered for lease. If you’re looking for long-term growth, it’s always better to purchase your terminal.

Mobile EMV POS

Since the company does not offer a proprietary mobile payment processing solution, it partners with CardFlight to deliver the service. Besides having a card reader and smartphone app, business owners need to have a separate CardFlight account to use this feature with Instabill.

With this service provider, you can now use your smartphone as a credit card terminal to process payments. This arrangement allows business owners to create a point of sale (POS) solution for merchants who make sales at flea markets, trade shows, and popup sites.

ACH processing

Processing checking account transactions are less risky compared to credit card transactions. Instabill offers a cost-effective, private, and secure electronic payment transfer system for automated clearing house (ACH) payment processing. ACH payment involves an electronic transfer of payments from one bank to another. With this integrated feature, business owners enjoy several perks. It mitigates the risk and saves time and money since there are no interchange fees to worry about. When setting up a merchant account for the business, it’s always best to add this as a backup to card payments.

Instabill Fees & Rates

Instabill Fees & Rates

As a provider of high-risk merchant account, the company offers a flexible pricing structure for its customers. Compared to established credit card providers like Visa and Mastercard, Instabill does not offer a fixed schedule of fees. Instead, Instabill considers several factors in the appreciation of the fees every customer will cover. The idea behind this policy is that every business is different, and each one has a different set of risk factors.

For business owners in a high-risk industry, it’s best to contact first the Support Team over the phone to pre-qualify. In a few minutes, the Support Team of Instabill can help determine the fees based on the industry, the processing history, and the expected sales volume. Some of the fees to expect from this service provider are for the merchant account, transactions, monthly settlements, and discount rates among others.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Similar to its schedule of fees, Insta Bill does not offer a fixed contract length. The terms of the contract and even the early termination fee for your high-risk merchant account may vary depending on the nature of the business. If you’re running high-risk businesses and these are located offshore, then the Instabill fees can be higher and there are extra expenses. But if it’s a US-based business and within a low-risk category, the termination conditions are friendly.

The company traditionally offers merchant services agreements that run for one or three years. The contract renews automatically unless the customer decides to cancel the payment processing arrangement. In case you terminate the contract ahead of time, a customer needs to cover the $250 fee depending on the bank.

Instabill Technical & Customer Support

Instabill Technical & Customer Support

As a leader in the provision of high-risk merchant account services, Instabill offers professional and reliable support at all times. Business owners can contact the Support Team through a variety of channels including email, phone, or through the website’s FAQ section.

In terms of technical support, Instabill provides complete support from installation to maintenance. Instabill offers both physical delivery and electronic download of services and products. Customers need not worry if the business is located offshore. If the business is based overseas, the business owner will simply hyperlink to the vendor’s online credit card processing platform.

More importantly, Instabill offers several options when integrating its payment gateway. For example, it offers easy integration for Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchants and Shopping Cart. The Instabill Support Team offers an easy API Integration Manual or customers can get technical help online. You can even contact the Instabill team for help in case you need help in selecting a shopping cart software.

Is Instabill Right for Your Business?

Merchant services are now a requirement for a growing business. However, signing up for traditional services offered by popular credit card companies can be difficult especially for high-risk businesses. For high-risk industries, Instabill offers the best and responsive payment gateway. Some of the industries supported by the company are online gambling, cryptocurrency, multilevel marketing, and adult entertainment. And if you’re into e-commerce, then you’ll find Instabill the perfect merchant account partner. It currently supports membership sites, telemarketing, lottery pools, and direct response, and this list is continuously growing.

In terms of fees, the company offers flexible fees depending on the business’ risk factors. This is advantageous to both parties as it’s anchored on the nature of the business, size, and expected sales volume. It also helps that the Instabill application process is fast and you can undergo a pre-qualification to save time.

Is Instabill Right for Your Business?

Our Verdict

Running a high-risk business is challenging due to several factors. One of which is getting approved for that all-important high-risk merchant account. Now, Instabill offers a quick solution in the form of a high-risk merchant account. Yes, its merchant accounts are open to business owners in a wide range of high-risk businesses such as gambling, adult content, and multi-level marketing. However, don’t expect lower fees and the same standard treatment offered by leading credit card payment processing companies.

Instead, Instabill brings in a long list of fees including higher termination fees and fees for withheld funds. But its list of pros far outweighs the cons especially for business owners in high-risk industries. Moreover, Instabill offers a fast application process and the technical support is above-average, thus making this a leading provider of high-risk merchant services.