Payline Review- Payment Processing, Pricing, Features, And More

  • Transparent pricing
  • Offers high risk merchant accounts
  • Offers ACH payment processing
  • Free virtual terminal and payment gateway
  • Doesn’t offer services to international merchants

Payline Overview

Payline is a merchant services company that provides payment processing solutions to both small and large businesses. The company began its operations in 2009 and since then, it has continued to offer transparent services from its Chicago Headquarters. With a Payline account, merchants can process card payments, accept e-checks and send electronic invoices. As you’ll also see in the review, the company has a satisfactory reputation as well as a unique combination of features that are difficult to ignore. If you’re hoping to become a Payline merchant, here are some of the main areas you’ll interact with.

Payline Features

Merchants can find plenty of unique payment features at Payline Data. All their features are tailored to meet the needs of both e-commerce and retail businesses, with a special focus on high-risk merchants. There is also a wide selection of payment processing equipment which gives merchants more freedom to establish and run a successful business. If you’re interested in opening a Payline merchant account, here are some of the main features you’ll encounter.

In-Store Credit Card Processing

There are various systems available that will allow you to accept in-store payments. The company offers credit card terminals that are magstripe and EMV enabled. There are also card terminals that accept NFC or contactless payments through third-party apps such as Apple Pay. Payline also offers the traditional POS system and with this robust hardware, you’ll be able to create inventories, print receipts, and integrate with other software or applications at an affordable cost.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

With Payline’s mobile card readers, you’ll be able to accept payments via your smartphone or tablet. Depending on the model you choose, your customers will be able to swipe, chip, or tap their cards to initiate the payment. Your mobile phone will also function as a powerful POS system and do more than just process payments. You’ll be able to track inventories, print electronic receipts, calculate taxes and send refunds no matter where you are.

Online Credit Card Processing

If your business is an eCommerce one, you can greatly benefit from the company’s payment gateway. Their payment gateway includes a good number of services from recurring billing, electronic receipt printing, and ACH payment processing or e-check processing. You can also send electronic invoices and store your customer’s payment information in a secure vault. Their payment gateway also offers fraud protection and chargeback prevention tools along with numerous integrations to new or existing shopping carts.

Virtual Terminal

Payline Data’s virtual terminal allows merchants to accept card-not-present payments. Virtual terminals are mainly used by merchants who take phone payments or those who don’t favor bulky POS systems. With a Payline virtual terminal, you’ll be able to process payments from any internet-connected computer, store your customer’s data, accept e-checks and send electronic invoices. You will also receive fraud protection and chargeback prevention tools as well as have direct access to Payline’s customer support.

Payline Pricing and Terms

Unlike many payment processors, Payline’s pricing favors small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, the company doesn’t charge any fees during the first month which is very impressive.

Currently, an interchange pricing model is employed on all accounts. This means, when processing payments, you’ll pay an interchange fee, a transaction fee, and an interchange plus fee.

For card-not-present transactions, you’ll pay a 0.4% rate plus a $0.20 per transaction fee. You’ll also pay a $20 monthly fee which will cover the payment gateway costs.

If your customers swipe their cards in person, Payline will charge you a 0.2% rate plus $0.10 per transaction and a monthly fee of $10.

Payline also offers special pricing for medical, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Here merchants pay a 0.1 % rate plus a $0.10 per-transaction fee and a $20 monthly fee. Merchants who fall under the above-mentioned categories can also request a custom pricing plan.

Other Fees

Although there aren’t any PCI compliance fees, Payline may charge you a PCI non-compliance fee if you fail to meet the required security standards. There’s also a monthly minimum fee of $25 and a chargeback fee of the same amount. In addition, you will be required to pay monthly account maintenance fees depending on the services your business requires. You should also note that the company doesn’t have any hidden fees on its website.


Payline usually offers a three-year term contract. This is quite fair considering most payment processors offer a five-year term. Also, if you close your account early, you won’t be subject to any penalty. However, you will be required to return any free equipment you received. Be aware that high-risk merchant accounts often receive slightly different contract terms. To prevent any future disagreements, read the contract carefully and ensure it suits your business.

Payline Technical & Customer Support

You can contact the company’s customer support through email and telephone from 8 AM to 5 PM during weekdays. Their support team is professionally trained in providing service in all areas including helping you set up your account. There’s also a FAQ page on the website that gives short and informative answers. The company will also provide you with an account manager who will answer any questions you have and offer valuable assistance whenever needed.

Is Payline Right For Your Business?

Payline is one of the few payment processing companies that serve both high-risk and low-risk merchants. Their rates and fees are not the lowest in the industry but they are affordable and transparent. Generally, small business owners can greatly benefit from the company’s unique features and products. However, as with other payment processors, Payline’s products may not be ideal for every business, so ensure you consider this before creating a merchant account.

Our Verdict

Overall, we were impressed by Payline’s services and we highly recommend it to our readers. Of course, the company will not fit everyone’s needs. However, there are plenty of tools that all merchants can benefit from. With their affordable pricing and robust POS systems and card terminals, you’ll be able to grow your business in no time. Their transparency also makes it easier to create and run merchant accounts without worrying about unfair contract terms.