Payment Depot Review- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

  • Transparent pricing and rates
  • No application or early termination fees
  • Reliable customer support
  • Solid reputation and positive customer reviews
  • Only accepts US-based merchants

Payment Depot Overview

Payment Depot is a credit card processing company that was established in 2013 and headquartered in Orange, California. It is among the few payment processors that specialize in membership pricing and wholesale rates.

At the present, Payment Depot ranks as one of the best US-based credit card processing companies, and after doing thorough research we discovered the reason why. First, the processor accepts merchants from a wide variety of industries including e-commerce, retail, and B2B. Payment Depot also offers numerous merchant services including standard card terminals and point-of-sale solutions. There are also other important features that we’ll further elaborate on in this review.

If you’re looking for a merchant services company that will offer you affordable rates and excellent services, continue reading this Payment Depot review, to discover how you’ll go about operating your account.

Payment Depot

Products and Services

There are many products available at Payment Depot that you can use for credit card processing. Some of them include wholesale pricing models, POS systems, and card terminals. The company also offers mobile payment processing, e-check processing, and shopping cart integrations. There is also a business funding program that is offered to merchants who need extra help growing their business. Altogether, we can say that their products and services are rather unique and do extremely well for large businesses. Below we further explain how these features will help you run your business.

Merchant Accounts

With a Payment Depot merchant account, you can accept payments in person, via mobile, or online. Once your application gets approved, the operator will set up and manage your account as well as provide you with additional features that will facilitate your transactions. Currently, Payment Depot doesn’t serve high-risk businesses. Additionally, unlike many credit card processors, their services are only limited to US business owners.

Payment Gateway

Payment Depot provides a payment gateway that can be directly integrated into your brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce business. With this gateway, your customers will be able to buy goods and services by easily entering their card details on your website. The entire transaction will be encrypted without redirecting the customer away from your website which will reduce your PCI compliance obligations. Their gateway also provides in-built tools to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Virtual Terminal

In addition to an efficient gateway, Payment Depot provides a free virtual terminal to their merchants. This terminal acts similarly to a physical credit card terminal, which means you can key in your customer’s credit card information from your computer with no other special devices required. Additionally, it will allow you to keep track of your business by recording transactions, issuing receipts, and scheduling recurring payments.

Payment Depot

POS Systems

Payment Depot offers POS systems at an affordable price. With their POS system, you’ll be able to accept card payments, track inventory, split orders, and print receipts. There are also POS systems that have an in-built cash drawer to help you better store your funds. It’s also worth mentioning that Payment Depot can work with most third-party equipment. In fact, they offer free hardware re-programming regardless of the pricing model you choose.

Credit Card Terminals

Merchants who own brick-and-mortar stores have solid access to a wide variety of credit card terminals. All models offered can accept EMV, NFC, and magstripe payments. Additionally, the credit card terminal you get will depend on the membership plan you choose and you can continue to use the device even after canceling your account. The terminal can also be connected to your POS system or be used as a stand-alone payment device.

Smart Credit Card Terminals

Smart terminals not only allow merchants to enter their customer’s card information but also have additional apps and integrations that provide services such as inventory tracking. Currently, Payment Depot offers a diverse number of smart terminals that include features such as digital receipt printers, inventory trackers, and barcode scanners. These terminals can also use Wi-Fi or cellular networks which ultimately allows merchants to accept payments regardless of their location.

Mobile Payments

For faster and even more convenient checkouts, the operator offers a mobile application and a card reader that can be used to accept payments. The app works on both iOS and Android devices and the card readers can function via any internet connection. Similar to the credit card terminals, the mobile readers also accept EMV, NFC, and magstripe payments.

Payment Depot Fees and Rates

Payment Depot Fees and Rates

As mentioned before, Payment Depot runs a membership pricing plan. You can currently choose between four pricing plans that are each designed to cater to low-risk merchants. With each plan, you will pay a flat monthly fee, a flat transaction fee, and a small interchange rate.

With this pricing model, the per-transaction costs are kept down which makes it more affordable for businesses with a high processing volume to receive payments.

Standard Plans

Merchant services companies usually offer three main pricing plans, namely, flat-rate, tiered, and interchange plus. These pricing plans usually come with separate gateway fees, processing fees, interchange fees, and other hidden fees that are too difficult to spot. Luckily, Payment Depot bundles everything into a monthly membership fee and doesn’t charge any account setup fees, PCI compliance fees, or early termination fees. This makes it easy for business owners to establish and maintain their accounts.

Basic Membership

The basic membership caters to small businesses. Here, you’ll pay $49 every month plus $0.15 per transaction. Additionally, with this pricing plan, you’ll be allowed to process up to $25,000 per month and also get a virtual terminal and a gateway. You will need to separately buy a credit card terminal or a mobile card reader. However, you can also have your existing equipment re-programmed for free by the company.

Payment Depot Fees and Rates

Most Popular Membership

This Payment Depot pricing plan is designed for mid-sized businesses. It offers lower processing rates and a higher maximum processing volume of up to $75,000. You will be required to pay $79 per month and $0.10 per transaction and thereafter receive a virtual payment terminal and gateway. The company will also give you a free credit card terminal and a mobile reader as well as re-program your existing hardware for free.

Premier Membership

Business owners processing more than $75,000 every month can opt for the premier membership plan. In this plan, Payment Depot charges a $99 monthly fee plus $0.07 for every transaction. You’ll also be able to process a monthly maximum volume of up to $150,000 as well as receive a virtual terminal and gateway. A free card terminal and mobile reader are also included in the package and you will receive data breach and fraud protection.

Unlimited Membership

This pricing plan is ideal for very large businesses. You will pay $199 every month plus $0.05 per transaction. You’ll also be able to process an infinite number of transactions through a premium gateway. Payment Depot will also provide you with a free credit card terminal and fraud protection services. Additionally, every two years you will receive a free terminal upgrade. You’ll also have an account manager who’ll offer personal customer service and assistance.

Custom Plans

If the above-mentioned plans are not suitable for your business, you can still ask for a customized plan and negotiate your fees and rates. For instance, merchants who process a small number of transactions can receive a more favorable price for their accounts. Before signing up for the customized solution, first examine the type and size of your business to ensure you get a deal that won’t compromise your business. Also, you can easily upgrade to the next-highest plan if your business outgrows your current plan.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Payment Depot has an extremely fair contract. First, all accounts are set up with month-to-month billing. This makes it easier to close the account in case of a business emergency. After creating your account, you will also receive a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you cancel your account within the first 90 days, you’ll get a full refund.

Additionally, there are no account termination fees and you can choose to keep the credit card terminal by buying it. If not, you must ship back the terminal in good working order and pay a 20% restocking fee.

Payment Depot Technical & Customer Support

You can contact the Payment Depot’s support team through email and telephone. Currently, the team is available 24/7 which is quite impressive considering many payment processors only offer support during business hours. Their support agents are also well-versed in credit card processing matters and they are willing to help you set up your account, explore the features, and solve any problems you’ll encounter. Merchants also receive personal account managers who provide faster and even more efficient customer service. There is also a FAQ page available that answers a few important questions regarding the company’s services.

Is Payment Depot Right for Your Business?

Is Payment Depot Right for Your Business?

Without a doubt, Payment Depot has a long string of excellent services. Their pricing plans are unique and innovative but quite honestly ideal for large businesses.

Although merchants can ask for a customized pricing plan, Payment Depot doesn’t favor high-risk businesses or small businesses that process less than $5000 per month. This may sound discouraging. However, we hope that perhaps in the near future they will revamp their services and add new features that will make it easier for all merchants to process payments.

Our Verdict

Payment Depot is one of the best credit payment processors we’ve ever reviewed and we can confidently recommend it to our readers. You can fill in the application form in just a few minutes and your account will get approved in less than a week. Moreover, the company offers numerous card payment methods that both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce merchants can use. There are also no miscellaneous fees that most providers charge and you will receive fraud protection. Overall, Payment Depot earns a high rating due to its excellent services and the large number of positive reviews submitted by merchants.