SecurionPay – Hassle-Free Payment Solutions for Different Industries

  • All-in-one payment solution
  • Robust security, including anti-fraud tools
  • High-risk merchant options
  • Versatile APIs provides easy integration
  • No live chat

SecurionPay Overview

In 2004, SecurionPay was launched to provide merchants with efficient and convenient payment processing solutions. The goal was to create products that simplified online payments, and it did. Over the years, the payment service company has come up with superior quality products that cater to a host of businesses.

The company invests in the latest technology to craft powerful solutions. The payment processor has merchant services for low and high-risk sectors. It offers highly customisable solutions for credit card processing and other transaction tools. Regardless of company size and volume of transactions, the provider guarantees a seamless process. Whether you need a simple payment gateway or a comprehensive payment solution, SecurionPay delivers. Keep reading to learn the various services available.

Products & Services

The product range plays an important role when choosing a payment processing company, and SecurionPay gets this. Companies with a myriad of payment requirements will appreciate what the provider has in store. SecurionPay developed a product catalog that serves a global customer base. It works hard to support as many payment scenarios as possible. Whatever the product or service a business picks, the provider offers customization alternatives.

Therefore, clients can expect to find solutions tweaked to their specifications. All the offerings come with impressive security features designed to deal with the various risks in payment services. Another advantage is the ease of use. SecurionPay’s products are built such that non-developers can easily operate different platforms and modify them as necessary. SecurionPay makes it easy to find the best payment solution for your company. Here are the products from which to choose.


Merchant Accounts

Any business that accepts debit cards, credit cards, and other payments need a merchant account. SecurionPay is among the leading merchant services on the market. It has a wide product selection that caters to numerous industries. Besides offering regular payment platforms, the processor specializes in high-risk merchant services. So, enterprises with high fraud risks, chargebacks, and large volumes can find the best merchant accounts. Online dating, Forex, and online gambling are some of the sectors that SecurionPay serves.

The merchant account provider promises a smooth integration process. Therefore, businesses can incorporate their merchant accounts with various applications, including CMS and e-commerce platforms like Magento, Ubercart, and Shopify. Merchant accounts come with an array of security measures to safeguard transactions. The processor offers AI-based anti-fraud tools, geolocation, 3D verification, and Address Verification Service for cardholders. Before you decide if a SecurionPay merchant account suits your business, you can test how one works first. The processor has a free test mode where businesses can see how fast payments are processed.

Online Payments

SecurionPay designed an online payment that maximizes revenue. The transaction process is critical for any enterprise. It’s the point where a customer spends money. So, you have to make certain that it’s as seamless as possible. Buyers appreciate a smooth payment experience, especially online. SecurionPay payment allows online stores to shorten the transaction process to the bare minimum. Customers get to pay in as simple as one click. With minimal interruptions, buyers can enjoy the purchasing journey, which helps boost sales and, consequently, revenues.

Through tokenization, SecurionPay ensures that you don’t come into contact with sensitive card data, hence minimizing risks. Cross-selling is another advantage that merchants can leverage. Right after the initial transaction, you can show a customer complementary products. The processor provides delayed capture for online payments, a system that enables you to slow down the process between payment capture and authorization to review the transaction against fraud.


Payment Gateway

Do you need a service to help allow credit card processing for your business? SecurionPay has some of the best. Merchants can improve sales by offering buyers a seamless payment process thanks to the Custom Form. With SecurionPay’s credit card form, you can prevent customers from being redirected to third-party websites during transactions. The Custom Form is embedded into your page and is fully customizable with HTML/CSS. Because buyers spend more time on the site, conversion rates increase. When you get a payment gateway with SecurionPay, you can add a Checkout overlay on top of the transaction page to streamline the process.

The payment processor offers solutions to enterprises in various countries. Check the list of supported regions to see if your business qualifies. Merchants can let customers pay in 160 currencies. Sort from e-commerce products, you can acquire a payment platform for B2B recurring products, SaaS applications, and subscription-based shopping.

Mobile Payments

Shopping on mobile is almost standard due to the high internet penetration and increased use of handheld devices. So, it has become necessary for businesses to provide mobile payment alternatives to their consumers. The provider facilitates uncomplicated mobile transactions. Its payment gateway is designed for the responsive experience. Therefore, whatever devices buyers are using, you can give them reliable payment platforms. SecurionPay delivers a superior UX that eliminates friction and lets shoppers pay in a few clicks.

SecurionPay gives you the choice to get only the essentials, which speeds up payments. The payment form fits any display size, thus improving convenience. You can offer customers a ‘Remember Me’ feature that saves them the trouble of reentering card details in every transaction. The provider’s quick integration process means that you can set up mobile payments in no time. Whether you require mobile payment platforms for e-commerce, dating, or gaming, you can be confident with SecurionPay’s offerings.


PCI Compliance

SecurionPay is all about security. Businesses have to be vigilant about the safety protocols implemented during transactions. Poor security not only compromises the business but the customers as well. One way that the card processor guarantees safe payments is PCI compliance and tokenization for credit card processing. PCI DSS is a set of international standards established by major card brands, including Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The company satisfies PCI Level 1 standards, which is the highest level. By meeting the stringent compliance requirements, the provider handles all the PCI issues so that merchants don’t have to.

For that reason, you and your customers get to benefit from encrypted transactions without any additional costs. The payment provider uses tokenization technology that ensures your customer data stays safe without your website coming into contact with it. In the unfortunate event of a data breach in a merchant’s website, customer information remains intact.

Securionpay Fees & Rates

When searching for the best payment products for your business, pricing is one of the fundamentals to consider. You have to find payment solutions that correspond to your budget. At SecurionPay, merchants can expect reasonable rates, whatever the processing needs. The provider looks at individual businesses, then structures prices according to their requirements. For example, if you run a high-risk enterprise, you can expect to pay more compared to a low-risk merchant. The charge for a successful transaction is 2.95% + €0.25

The processor does have any fixed monthly fees. Also, the setup for a payment gateway is free. Chargeback fees are some of the biggest costs to worry about when obtaining a payment platform. For every chargeback, you pay €25. In exchange, the provider helps you manage chargebacks and combat fraud. Clients can expect complete transparency with no hidden fees sneaking up on you after signing a contract. The payment processor lowers prices for large merchants (over €150,000 in transactions per month).

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Unscrupulous merchant services take advantage of clients by tieing them in lengthy and unfavorable contracts, sometimes without their knowledge. Not SecurionPay, though. The provider is honest from the beginning about what various services cost. So, before you even sign a contract, you are clear about what you are getting into. Since pricing and service terms vary across merchants, we can’t provide a contract template as an example. Also, contract samples are usually not available online.

Nonetheless, businesses can expect a lot of flexibility. The payment processor allows you to negotiate certain elements such as the rolling reserve for a high-risk merchant account. Contracts come in concise and easy-to-understand terms. The termination conditions are included in the contract, and they depend on individual company needs. Clients don’t have to worry about extra fees.

SecurionPay Technical & Customer Support

Even the most well-made solutions for payments can fail. When they do, you should be able to get the help required. The simplest delay in payments can affect your sales severely because. Today’s buyer has little patience, especially when shopping online. A faulty payment gateway can result in cart abandonment. The payment processor maintains open communication with clients to ensure that problems are resolved as necessary. Merchants can reach technical support via email. The same goes for customer support.

Email responses take approximately an hour, which is decent. However, the absence of a live chat facility is disappointing. The support page has tutorials and documentation to explain integrations. Also, the company has social media pages that clients might find useful. Still, it would help to have quick responses for simple inquiries.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Is Securionpay Right for Your Business?

From the product range, pricing, and security available, we can say that SecurionPay meets the demands of many enterprises. The provider has built an impressive reputation since it launched, which is one aspect to consider in a payment partner. Trust goes a long way when processing payments, and this company buys a lot of goodwill. However, the best merchant services are more than reputation. Business owners need alternatives, and this provider offers them.

The payment processor serves both low-risk and high-risk industries. It has favorable pricing models that make it suitable for any enterprise, including SMEs. By eliminating some charges like setup and monthly fees, SecurionPay makes payment solutions affordable to small business owners. Remember that if you are a high-risk merchant, then the costs increase, depending on the special requirements of your business.

Our Verdict

From our review, SecurionPay gets a 4.5/5 because it fulfills all the right responsibilities. The provider caters to a global market and structures its products accordingly. Therefore, business owners from almost anywhere can find suitable payment platforms. With 160 currencies and 24 checkout languages, the provider ensures that your customers can transact online without any issues. It has advanced security features that save businesses a lot of trouble and money. Another point to the processor is thanks to the customizable solutions it offers. Whether you sell clothes online or run a travel agency, expect to find some of the best payment services.