SMB Global Review – High Risk and Low-Risk Merchant Accounts

  • Accommodates many high-risk industries
  • Provides offshore merchant accounts
  • Great for high-risk eCommerce businesses
  • Excellent customer support
  • No plans or rates on their website

SMB Global Overview

SMB Global provides a merchant account to high-risk businesses. While they do also accommodate low-risk businesses, they are better suited to high-risk ones. They partner with Payline Data who is maybe a better choice for low-risk companies. Almost any high-risk industry can apply for a merchant account with SMB Global. If you need high-risk credit card processing and an offshore account, they are an ideal provider.

They have fair pricing and contract agreements, but every contract is unique. You can apply online and their team will send you a quote. They have products for retail stores but are best known for their work with eCommerce stores. Specializing in high-risk accounts, they are a perfect choice if you need high-risk services. As a specialist in your industry, they can give you the best support.

SMB Global

Products & Services

SMB Global accepts almost every category of business. Once they accept your application, you can avail of a complete set of products and services. You receive a unique Merchant ID so you have a stable merchant account. Credit card processing is possible by several means. They provide free countertop terminals or mobile terminals. Their payment gateway integrates well with other sites and shopping carts. Mobile solutions help you to take payments from anywhere, and they also provide business loans.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

If you are a high-risk merchant and wish to accept credit cards, you need a high-risk merchant account. SMB Global works with several banks, so they can find the ideal one to suit your particular business. As long as you are honest and upfront with your application, they will likely find a bank for you. You may pay more for their services than other providers, but with good reason. If you are a low-risk business, you will get better rates from their partners Payline Data.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

If you wish to trade internationally, an offshore account can be very helpful. You will pay more for this type of account, but it can open up many doors for your business. You can accept payments in a variety of currencies. Your customers can pay in their local currency, and you will receive the payment in your currency. Dynamic currency conversion is a great retention tool. Many customers abandon carts when they cannot pay in their local currency. You must process a high volume to get an offshore account, so it is only useful for high-volume merchants.

SMB Global

Credit Card Terminals

There are several credit card processing options you can choose from. If you are a retail store, it is best to accept credit cards in person. Card present transactions are cheaper than a card, not present transaction. SMB Global provides free equipment options, and you return the equipment if you close your account. Qualifying businesses receive a free EMV compliant countertop terminal with their account. As always, make sure to check your contract agreement carefully. There are no rental fees, but you need to make sure you know the contract length.

Payment Gateway

If you are an eCommerce business, you will accept your credit card payments online. Their payment gateway integrates easily with websites and mobile devices. You can choose between and the NMI payment gateway. Having either of these will usually be enough for any eCommerce merchant. That allows you to integrate mobile payments easily. You can also access your gateway through their website. You can use the Direct Post API for the simplest integration method.

Mobile Processing

Every account with SMB mobile gets free equipment. You can opt for a countertop terminal if you are a brick-and-mortar store. But you can also choose a mobile card reader. That allows you to take payments from anywhere. More importantly, with mobile payment options, you can make card-present transactions. That is the preferred option as there is less chance of fraud.

Online Shopping Cart Integration

Most shopping carts integrate easily with the payment gateway. That makes it easy to customize your store. And it gives the best checkout experience to your customers. You get a full-featured turn-key shopping cart right out of the box. That is perfect for developers or for people who manage their own site. If you are not a developer, you can use QuickClick as your shopping cart. It has a built-in button generator that is simple to use. You can easily create links to products and services without any computer experience.

SMB Global

ACH Payment Processing

Credit cards will make up the majority of payments you receive online. But offering ACH payment processing is important if you will take recurring payments. ACH payments do not go through credit card processors, so the customer saves on fees. It is like writing an electronic check. So if a customer will buy in installments or pay monthly, they will appreciate this option. ACH payments can also be an alternative to a merchant account. You can consider this method if you are very high risk and having difficulty securing an account.

Chargeback Prevention Suite

There are many factors that determine the level of risk of your business. Usually, the type of industry is the main factor. However, it may be because of your previous credit history or chargeback ratio. A high chargeback ratio is the most common reason that banks do not accept risky businesses. And no other industry suffers as many chargebacks as high-risk merchants. So you need to choose a reliable provider that can help you prevent them. And SMB Global prevention suite is one of the best when it comes to fraud and chargeback prevention.

Business Loans

Many top payment processing providers now offer business loans as part of their service. And SMB Global is no different. They help you secure a small business loan easily. The online application process takes around 15 minutes to complete. They partner with Lendio, and they are the official lender for small loans. With Lendio, you get funding from lenders nationwide. With more than 75 lenders in their network, you can compare quotes from each one. And once approved, you get the funds within 24 hours. You also get free tools to manage your cash flow and bookkeeping.

SMB Global Fees & Rates

SMB Global Fees & Rates

One of the downsides of requiring a high-risk merchant account is the fees you will pay. A low-risk business can apply with their partners Payline Data. That gets you a transparent payment model and attractive rates. But if you are not low risk, they will forward you to SMB Global. While they do not advertise their rates and fees, they are some of the most competitive.

The rates are fair, and you can negotiate with them for the early termination fee. But each case is different, so you need to apply and get a quote first. It will depend on your particular type of business and what services you offer your customers. You can also negotiate the terms with SMB Global. Maybe you can agree on a monthly sales volume goal and get better rates if you meet this goal.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Another difficulty for any business is to secure a reasonable contract length. Low-risk merchants can get monthly contracts and transparent fees. But it is not so easy for higher-risk companies. The extra costs and effort to secure merchant services means you will likely have a longer contract. Each case is different, but it is standard practice to get a contract for 1 – 3 years.

That can be a problem if you are not sure your business is viable. So make sure to read your terms with SMB Global carefully. Your contract will have an early termination fee. If you need to close your account, this can be quite expensive. So make sure to weigh up the pros and cons. Yes, you will have an account with a company that specializes in your industry. But make sure you will outlast the length of your contract.

SMB Global Technical & Customer Support

SMB Global Technical & Customer Support

SMB Global has excellent customer support. For general inquiries, you can email and they respond promptly. You can also message them from their website, but this goes into their email queue anyway. For more urgent inquiries, they have a dedicated phone line. SMB Global is only available during working hours Monday to Friday US time. So if you are an international merchant, make sure to account for the time difference. Their operators can help you with software or hardware issues. They may also forward your call to a technician if necessary.

Is SMB Global Right for Your Business?

There are many reasons that SMB Global might be the ideal choice for your business. If you are a low-risk merchant, it may be better to opt for their partner company Payline Data. But if you are having trouble securing a merchant account, then SMB Global is a great choice. They specialize in higher-risk companies, so they have a high acceptance rate. Their fees are competitive and fair, but they differ depending on your industry. They provide a free quote, so it is worth applying with them and seeing what they offer you.

Our Verdict

Overall, SMB Global is one of the best providers you can choose if you are a high-risk business. Low-risk merchants should consider their partner company Payline Data. But if you need an offshore merchant account or fall into a higher risk bracket, SMB Global is a great choice. They specialize in almost every area your industry may fall under. And working with a provider that knows your industry is vital. You will likely encounter a lot of chargebacks and fraud issues. So choosing a provider that can help minimize this will help you immensely.