Total Processing Offers Bespoke Payment Solutions for Varied Sectors

  • An extensive selection of merchant services
  • PCI-compliant payment solution
  • Advanced fraud prevention tools
  • Supports multiple payment forms
  • No pricing information

Total Processing Overview

Total Processing Ltd, not to be confused with Total Merchant Services, is a payment processing company based in Manchester. Founded in 2015, TPL was established to improve the payments industry. It aims to offer superior standard services and products that cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses. As the name suggests, Total Processing provides a wide collection of payment solutions to ensure that business owners have the necessary services to accept payments efficiently.

The payment processor affords enterprises a lot of flexibility courtesy of its tailor-made solutions. So, whatever the industry or company size, TPL guarantees that you can find suitable products. The credit card processor promises a simple platform, safe payments, and easy integrations. This Total Processing review tells you what to expect.

Products & Services

Payment processing requirements vary across businesses. For one small business, a virtual terminal might be sufficient, while another one might need a fully integrated payment gateway. So, Total Processing stocks a diverse product catalogue. The company markets itself as a total package, and it is. It has merchant services for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses. TPL claims to have experienced professionals that help enterprises set up systems for different types of payments. Therefore, whether you prefer accepting Apple Pay or credit cards, the processor has the right solutions. Once you define your processing goals, browse Total Processing to see the available features, which include:

Merchant Accounts

Total Processing offers merchant account services for all business types, including those considered high-risk. Any enterprise that accepts debits and credit card payments requires a merchant account. It’s the account that holds funds after they are processed from a customer’s card. TPL tailors its merchant accounts according to the business. So, if an enterprise has unique requirements like a high rolling reserve, Total Processing ensures that you find an appropriate merchant account. The processor has a simple application process that will have your account up and running in no time.

Since the company works with multiple acquiring banks, it compares rates to pass the best prices to the client. The merchant services provider uses industry-leading security to guarantee that your transactions are safe. It also protects merchants against chargebacks, which are particularly an issue with high-risk industries. Given that the company’s plugins support numerous e-commerce applications, a business can integrate its native solutions without any problems.

Online Payments

Total Processing gives you the power to accept payments online from all popular methods. The ability of your business to keep running depends on how well you facilitate payments. So, TPL provides reliable payment processing solutions that ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted. The processor offers a plug-and-play system that will have your payments entering in record time. With Total Processing e-commerce solutions, you can accept over 190 payment methods, thus, enabling your customers to pay how they want.

The online payment system comes with in-built fraud prevention tools that help enterprises decrease chargebacks and inventory losses. Businesses also benefit from Total Control, an enhanced reporting feature that delivers payment data in real-time. Hence, it provides you with useful customer insights. The processing company gives you the choice to use its virtual terminal or host online payments on your business servers. Total Processing provides easy integration with various platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway allows you to accept payments online, in-person and over the phone. It’s the first contact that a buyer’s transaction has with your business. Therefore, it must be dependable, safe and easy to use. The quality of a payment gateway can affect sales, thus, the need to make certain that a customer’s experience is positive. Total Processing understands this and provides a seamless payment gateway that supports different card payments.

Since business owners don’t have to deal with acquiring banks directly, they enjoy several features. For example, the processor pre-checks a customer’s account for sufficient funds before authorising payment. Merchants get a complete overview of their commercial activities, which helps them make informed decisions. Using 3D Secure, the provider authenticates all debit and credit card payments before processing.

PCI compliance also increases the security of transactions. The advanced security measures help enterprises reduce their chargeback ratios as well. The merchant account provider allows you to take recurring payments with ease.

Telephone Payments

Some businesses thrive on phone payments, and Total Processing is one provider to turn to for these services. The processor works with small and large enterprises across the UK to provide some of the best phone payment solutions on the market. You can offer payment 24/7 without an agent because the system integrates with existing tools smoothly. Alternatively, you can opt to have standalone phone payments.

So, what features should you expect? For one, the company offers a fully automated system with great resilience and a high capacity. Your callers get guided through the process using professionally recorded voiceovers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buyers who have never paid by phone. The payment processor allows you to blend its CRM and eTerminal to maximize card transactions. If your business requires a multilingual system, then Total Processing delivers.

POS Systems

A point of sale system consists of hardware and software that process payments online or offline. It’s the platform that a business provides to the customer at the point of purchase. A POS system works like a cash register. So, it calculates taxes, generates receipts and tracks inventory. Total Processing has a comprehensive point of sale solution that can be used in a number of industries. You can get POS software for a brick-and-mortar or online store.

The payment processing company stocks POS hardware as well, including card readers. A small business can get mobile, portable or countertop point of sale systems, depending on use factors. Total Processing allows enterprises to accept different payment modes. Apart from Visa and MasterCard, your customers can use contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The POS system comes with all the primary functions, such as inventory, customer and employee management. TPL also lets business owners customise the POS for specific needs like high-volume transactions.

PCI Compliance

Security is one of the biggest concerns for enterprises and their customers. As a business owner, you have to ensure that your payment processing solution contains the necessary security measures to safeguard client data. PCI DSS compliance is one way to achieve that. Total Processing guarantees that every transaction processed through their system is safe thanks to the company’s PCI Level 1 compliance. The processor maintains the highest standards required by the payments card industry. Its updated PCI certification means that any business that uses its hosted integrations benefits from the same security protocols.

PCI Level 1 compliance signifies that the provider undergoes on-site independent annual audits to verify the integrity of systems. Additionally, the company employs various fraud tools to reduce risks for business owners. Total Processing uses email hotlist, IP hotlist, BIN country hotlist and device ID hotlist. Thus, it can prevent payments from particular devices, email addresses and regions.

Total Processing Fees & Rates

The biggest downside of working with TPL is the lack of upfront information about pricing. Payment processors are growing increasingly transparent about their rates as clients demand more honesty. Total Processing is one of the merchant account providers with virtually no prices on their websites. In every feature, the processor promises low rates from as little as 0.4%. However, it’s not clear about all the fees. Total Processing indicates no setup fees for some payment products like the POS system.

Businesses can be confident that high-risk merchant services come with additional charges. A high-risk business, for instance, generates large chargeback volumes, meaning that the rolling reserve has to be higher than in a low-risk merchant account. For this reason, merchants should be aware of the specific fees that Total Processing imposes. Although there is a mention of interchange plus pricing on the site, it’s unclear if any of the features come with that payment structure.

Contract Length and Termination Conditions

Before paying for card processing services, you have to be certain about the contract terms. It’s why we review contract conditions for processing companies. However, that is not possible with Total Processing. As mentioned, the provider is cagey about its pricing, which influences the contract terms review. We can’t be clear if the processor charges monthly or if clients have to sign contracts. Consequently, businesses can’t find out in advance about early termination fees. Nonetheless, merchants can contact the company directly to ask about the different charges included in an agreement. Find out if the processor refunds chargeback fees for successful disputes. TPL says that it doesn’t set monthly caps on monthly revenues. Check if this is in your contract.

Total Processing Technical & Customer Support

The level of technical and customer support that a processor offer determines its suitability as a payments partner. A good provider should be able to serve clients when they need help and deal with customer complaints satisfactorily. Total Processing offers reliable support. Businesses can contact the technical support team via email directly on the site or call.

Although the provider doesn’t post the best response times, clients can be sure about finding assistance. Check the contact us page for the details. For customer support, the site offers a live chat feature that should get you quick answers. Alternatively, you can search for answers on the support page, which consists of various critical topics. The provider also has a phone number for sales queries.

Is Total Processing Right for Your Business?

From the product catalogue, Total Processing is a safe bet for many enterprises. Small and medium businesses benefit from the expertise of industry professionals. The processor fulfils business-critical cash flow timescales. Whatever payment solution you pick, expect high availability, account servicing and scalability. Total Processing allows your enterprise to grow without compromising the quality of your payment processing.

Business owners get robust yet simple integrations that complement existing systems. The card processor is also big on security, which is a huge plus side for any enterprise. Besides providing PCI-compliant platforms, the company has a slew of other security measures in place, thus, guaranteeing that your buyers can send payments safely.

Our Verdict

Total Processing gets the job done if you are looking for no-frills payment processing solutions. The processor offers an impressive collection of products that should help most business owners streamline their payment processes. TPL specialises in bespoke services. Therefore, you can be sure about finding the perfect credit card processing features for your business. Enterprise in varying industries from retail to healthcare to food & beverage can choose from a selection of superior quality products. The biggest complaint about the company is the absence of rates on the website. So, Total Processing should look into being more upfront with their pricing.